Annie Becker cloaks her audience in a gyp-sea of soundscapes. With her Jazz Guitar, Ukulele, Loop Station, Beatboxing, and Vocals Becker gets the crowd grooving. Some songs are built live on the spot and others have pre-recorded loops that Annie adds her lead vocals, bass lines, and epic harmonies to. She showcases original pieces as well as the occasional Canadian Artist’s Cover or a Sanskrit Sound Vibration.
Birch are a trio of musical seekers who use free-improvisation to search out oblivion through sound. By combining influences of folk trance, experimental and psychedelic music with oriental and North African rhythms, Birch aims to create a unfolding collaged technicolor sonic-cinema. Destanne Lundquist; mouth harp, likembe, mbira, objects, Scott Bertram; electric guitar, effects, Jesse Gentes; drums, percussion.
Smoky Mirror is a conscious hip-hop artist from Denman Island, located off the west coast of BC. His name is an analogy for life; the human mind is like a smoke screen that covers the true reflection of our inner spirit. Growing up surrounded by nature and a small community of supportive people, has heavily influenced his musical style and creative outlook. It’s this genuinely unique style that has been imprinted on his latest album “Moving Mirrors”, released in the summer of 2012.
Cafe Ole With influences from Spain and the coffee-lands of Latin-America, this versatile duo’s timeless repertoire wields a power to transport audiences. Musicians Oscar Robles Diaz and Brittany Christina Bowman (aka: ‘el Cuervo’ & ‘Britt de la Luna’) met in Mexico City in 2007 and very soonafter began their ongoing performance career together. Each a multi-instrumentalist, they employ nylon-string guitar, bass guitar, cajon, claves, foot stomps and handclaps to accompany their voices. They have shared their music with audiences in Taiwan, Mexico and Canada, in intimate concert venues, high-profile private functions, weddings, community celebrations, and numerous multi-cultural festivals.

Sonny From concert halls, outdoor music festivals, living rooms, yoga studios, pyramids and meditative healing ceremonies; I have had the blessed opportunity to share myself and the music that brings me such joy and deep peace in a group unifying experience I call Prayerformance. I love to collaborate and co-create with others and enter these venues in order to bring light to the healing and inspiring power of psychic music.

Kala is a Neo-Soul, R&B, Reggae and Rap Lyricist with a diverse range of creative content he has co-produced with instrumentalists and producers who explore many genres from around the world and dare to create new and inspiring styles of expression by combining styles that compliment each other. He is currently working with Producer Sydney Del on a neo-soul, hip hop project and with the Sacr3d band and Adham Shaikh on a hip hop, kirtan album. He has been featured on Buckman Coe’s latest album Malama Ka Aina and recently returned from his first solo tour on the Big Island of Hawaii were he opened for Buckman, Hawane Rios and Sara Tone.
Drunken Rumis: Shakuhachi flute and frame drums merge to express themselves through free improvisation. Contemplative music for expanding inward. Patrick Desjardins; Shakuhachi flutes, Jesse Gentes; Frame drums, udu,
The Upsidedowninja has been spinning Vinyl for 13 years playing a mix of Triphop and downtempo he will send you on a sound journey that will have you chilling to dancing
PhanieSte finesse is her first name; A full spectrum of beauty follows Phanieste where ever she falls. Blending beats – mastering sound systems and lights – mixing visuals – fire performances – along with contributing everything possible to ensure everyone is happy and entertained. Melodic, soulful house.
Jon Baker was born and raised in the Comox Valley, Jon sings over accordion playing. He might ask you to sing along.

BeatTweak I have been spinning vinyl for over 8 years, I started collecting and playing records right after I had spent a few months in Berlin going to Electronic shows. Much of my musical tastes developed around that experience. I play German electro mixed with hard house, breaks; the records are always growing and changing as I am actively looking for records and buying what music I get excited about.