Imagine a world in which we harness the limitless giving & receiving potential in all of us. Maximizing our collective & individual potential. Inviting the best of ourselves to come out to create win-win realities that inspire true sustainability from the inside out.


Syntopia is produced by the Skill Share Hub Ltd, a group of artists, educators and businesses offering opportunities to share knowledge. We gather community with the intention to emerge in collective utopia, bring out the best in each of us, to nourish mind, body and soul in a syntropy of like vision.

We see skill sharing as a vehicle for youth emergence through learning sustainability, recognizing that ‘sustainability’ is a multi faceted topic whose aim is health in mind, body, spirit and our shared environment. When we make the lifestyle choice to take care of these things we will create healthier communities.

We would be thrilled to share this vision with you and your kin!

Find yourself surrounded by the arms of nature with a like minded community of all ages. Exploring what you have to share and receive from others. Spontaneous musical expression. Inspired by the gifts of those around you.

Dancing & enjoying music on the bare earth. Empowering your survival skills. Challenging yourself to explore outside your comfort zone. Allowing unexpected possibilities to emerge.

Connecting with new and old friends. Allowing freedom for your spirit to express and marvel in creativity. Frolicking in the forest and stumbling upon hidden gems. Unearthing hidden dreams. Revitalizing your health and well being. Tapping into the abundance the earth provides. Constructing livable art & co-designing functional beauty. Collaborating to bring the most joy to all participants.

All the while enjoying the fresh organic food of Green Haven Farm.