Yarrow Willard

Yarrow is a Clinical/Master Herbalist and co-owner/formulator of Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary. Raised with a strong connection to herbs and natural health by two herbalist parents, he is a passionate promoter of plant-based medicine and nutrition. Yarrow is continually updating his knowledge and understanding with the newest approaches and growing edge science of re-claiming our health and restoring internal/external harmony. His path and purpose is in cultivating a shared connection with the natural world, through living a seasonally balanced holistic approach to life. With hopes in assisting our collective evolution towards high vitality, he shares health empowering practices with herbs, mushrooms, super-foods, advanced nutrition and more.

Ocian Flo

I am an artist, visionary, community builder, and spiritual activist working with groups and individuals to create and share experiences that build a conscious, self-empowered, intentional community. Sacred Sound and the Chakra System are my mediums of choice. Having been on an inward journey for many years, and taken the Sacred Sound and Chakra Journey seriously countless times, I have found my gift. I am able to deeply feel each Chakra’s unique vibration, what they specialize in physically and emotionally, and what each center offers me as an individual who is constantly searching for answers. In doing this, I have overcome many personal challenges while finding confidence in my gifts and talents and my individual place within community. My focus now is furthering my understanding of Consciousness and the Subtle Energetic Body, while using my gifts so that others may find empowerment to do the same.

Melissa Nobels

  Melissa dances through life and is a priestess of the beauty way.  “She thrives on contributing to her community while being faithful to her soul’s wild intentions”.  She has just recently completed a 3 month teacher training as a Mystical Dancer in Thailand and been initiated into the Living Chalice as a New Earth Avatar Priestess.  She has been a student and facilitator of transformational movement for almost 20 years, and been blessed to learn and grow with pioneers in the fields of ecstatic dance and evolutionary temple arts.  Melissa took her prayerformance rituals to new heights and became a stilt acrobats performing and teaching for VestaFire on Vancouver Island for the last 7 years.  In 2009 she co-founded Brave Girls Camp, a popular holistic camp for adolescent girls incorporating stilts, crafting and temple arts.  She is currently engrossed in a dance grant inquiry she calls Moved By Nature, “meeting” nature by allowing its shape, texture and sound to inform and transform her cells.  She currently lives part time in China leading Sacred Feminine workshops and rituals for women and part time on Gabriola island, BC, dancing in nature and setting off intentional “love bombs” in heARTful spectacles with her moon worshiping, ritual theatre tribe – The Lunatics!

Angela Willard

Angela Willard received her Clinical Herbalist Diploma from the Wild Rose College in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2005. She has since been in practice as an Herbalist through many avenues including consulting, growing herbs, wildcrafting, and co-creating the Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary. She actively adds herbal and health tools to her basket through continual upgrading of her knowledge with a strong focus on Women’s health and wellness. Sharing information that empowers people to live with integrity to their highest potential is a strong calling that fuels her on this path.

Tom Kral

Over 20 years of professional cooking experience and a bloodline of cooks has evolved Tom Kral into Nature’s Chef. As a child growing up in a family run deli to former owner and executive chef to a renowned restaurant and catering in Toronto, ON., he came to settle in supernatural BC because of the irresistible call for the wild. His passion for putting medicine back into our food quickly grew into a whole new genre of dining experience which he delivers onto others.  

Donald Mcginnis

  Don has 30 years counselling experience, is a Yoga teacher and Hakomi Practitioner and a student of Psoma Yoga. He has been teaching Psoma Yoga and Loving Presence workshops for the past two years in the Comox Valley and elsewhere.  

Brianna Getz

A descendant of life long fiber artists Brianna has found herself following in her ancestors footsteps in the way of the loom and spindle. To add to her story she also holds a bachelors in social science and approaches most everything from the angle of amateur sociologist. A life long enthusiast for all things folklore and otherworldly Brianna has taken her interest to the next level and is a second year priestess of the sacred grove under the guidance of Nikiah Seeds. Brianna has a passion for empowering community through reclaiming ritual and recognizing the need for contemporary rites of passage. She is an active listener and learner in the efforts for the decolonization of Turtle Island.  

Bruce Carron

Bruce Carron is a co-founder of Firemaker (1999) and the Oak and Orca Bioregional School (1999). He is a student of Tom Brown’s Tracker school, the Wilderness Awareness School and the Earth. He is a “Coyote Mentor”.He currently runs WildSpirit (since 2005) in the Comox Valley, mentoring children and adults towards a deeper connection to Nature. The vision of WildSpirit is to shift human consciousness to be in harmony with the wildness of the Natural world. We recognize that there is still “wildness” in every being, that there is a hunger for connectedness and thirst for understanding of one’s place in the web of life. At WildSpirit we offer connections. We reawaken wildness. Bruce walks the edge of wildness and domestication.  

Chantal Solomon

Chantal is a naturalist with a zest for creative synergy; she has formally studied Special Education, Film Production & Creative Writing for Youth and  Creative Facilitation. Chantal loves learning & teaching about plants; she spent several years taking various permaculture & traditional medicine related courses and apprenticeships. She enjoys sharing her passion for fun nature based opportunities with Heart Seeds Nature Education and her drive to provide opportunities to empower each other with knowledge as worker bee for the Skill Share Hub Ltd.  Chantal has worked with youth in various capacities including School District #71, summer camps, preschools and naturally mentors others with youth led experiential learning. Her greatest joy comes from harvesting plants and helping children hold their first caterpillar!

Elizabeth Martin

Elizabeth is a BC Registered Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher and owner of Amethyst Healing Retreat.. She has been facilitating women’s circles for twenty years, focusing on the sacred feminine and body/self love. She is also a Chartered Herbalist, Doula/birth attendant, Fertility Awareness educator of 16 yrs, blending these for circles and ceremonies. She has been teaching dance for 20 years, is a recently addicted pole athlete, as well as a belly dance, acro yoga and burlesque performer.

Alissa Wild

Alissa is a wild woman introvert who loves wandering through the forest trails of her local woodlands seeking birdsong and keepsakes. She founded We Are Wildness in an effort to inspire more people to get outside and reconnect with the wild world. She is passionate about helping people remember the child-like inner wildness that we all have. She’s a social media maven, eco-feminist, and feels an ardent connection to those feathered, finned, and furred. She relishes regular time in solitude to nourish spirit and feels most at home in the rivers and forests of Coast Salish territories on Vancouver Island. She shares her rural riverside cabin with her furry husky Brite, and her partner, Kevin.

Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly is a trained and certified Alethia Breathwork Facilitator operating from Vancouver Island and leads people to a more loving and authentic place of connection through massage, acupressure, mantras and coaching in this session. He is passionate about deep connection, respect and healing.

Kevin Sequoia

Kevin was born and raised in the lush West Coast rain forest of Canada, surrounded by mountains and ocean as his playground and learning environment. He has always drawn great inspiration from his wild surroundings and looks deep into nature for the answers to many of his questions. He feels the most at home surrounded by trees with his bare feet on the Earth. Kevin enjoys reading, writing, camping, swimming, foraging, running, dancing, riding his bike, meditating, slack-lining, gardening, yoga, and connecting with people. He loves experiencing all that life has to offer with his partner Alissa and their dog Brite. Kevin is passionate about sharing the benefits of natural health and fitness and living a more nature connected life.  

Nadine Wildheart

Nadine Wildheart B.Ed. B.A. has studied with Traditional Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and World Renowned Storytellers. Nadine explores the connection of our senses to the environment we live in while examining the inner landscape of profound listening below consciousness in the place of imagination and spirituality through story. Living from within being guided by story.

Elaine Codling

Elaine is a Permaculture Design Consultant and teacher educated at Pacific Permaculture in Canada and at the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia. She brings more than 25 years of experience organic gardening and green living to her practice. Permaculture is an environmental design science that focuses on meeting human needs by creating productive systems that are restorative to the natural world. The goal is to create permanent systems of production that imitate the diversity, abundance, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems.

Ryan Hughes

“I realized early on in my life that I wanted to devote my time to creating custom works for other people, which sparked me to begin my apprenticeship to become a carpenter. Part of the way through my carpentry apprenticeship I chose to dive into the world of architectural design and develop a greater understanding of building science. Following a few years of academics and a junior designer role I would obsess over the wood and structural details thinking of how I would create the same in the field. This was my inspiration to leave the office and return to hands on work at the job site and attain my Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter qualification. While building on this tangible skill set I created opportunity to work in Australia, Africa, South America and across Canada. Over the years I have worked as a cabinet maker, wooden canoe builder, home re-modelling and new home builder, timber framer, natural builder and architectural technician.”


Alysha Jones

Alysha is currently a guest and Settler in the traditional territory of the Nuu-chah-nulth peoples and the land of cedar and sea otter, flicker and fir; the eco-cultural region of Northern Vancouver Island. As an eco-therapy practitioner, Alysha is deeply passionate about the transformative and healing potential of connecting deeply with nature. Alysha completed a Master’s degree in Holistic Science (Ecopsychology), and currently practices eco-depth and ecopsychology with leading practitioners in these fields. Alysha also works as a community health nurse with the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council.

Jessica Dorzinsky

Jessica provides support, healing, and guidance for those feeling stuck or on the path to something deeper. As a workshop facilitator and one-on-one Intuitive Coach, she delivers powerful sessions that inspire the mind and open up the heart. Jessica uses a unique combination of tools in her Intuitive Coaching sessions – including Emotional Freedom Technique, guided mindfulness, Reiki, and energy work. Jessica’s straight-forward and compassionate approach guides you to a greater understanding of who you really are and where your unique path leads.

Lynda Smith

Lynda Smith is enthusiastic about transforming Lawn to Food production. She joins the growing number of people who are taking responsibility for their own food security by planting gardens, fruit shrubs, and trees. Lynda can assist in enlarging your current growing space or help with weekly maintenance for your food garden. Whether you aspire to have a few veggie pots on the patio, or grow a self-sufficient food supply, Lynda can help you reach your goals through inspiration and/or perspiration. Join her as she encourages others and shares her knowledge.