Awakening to the Tao

12 Lessons to Cultivate Mind, Body and Spirit

Instructor: Arrow Gonsalves

Activities: Taoist yoga – Kigong – Energy Cultivation – Meditations – Lessons and workbook

This lesson series is designed for those who wish to examine their own life habits in relation to the 12 fundamental principals of Tao. Issues such as life purpose, the meaning of life & death, and the nature of human suffering are explored in depth.

The Mind of Tao Lesson Series brings the opportunity for further enlightenment and movement toward recognizing and fulfilling your life purpose…providing a map for the completion of your soul.

Comprised of 12 Lessons combining instruction, training and meditation, Students of Tao deepen experiential awareness. Expanding awareness and consciousness for practical purpose.


What Is Tao?

What is Life?

Soul & Divinity

Three Studies for Completion of the Soul

Three Bodies of a Human Being

Settling the 5 Issues of Life & Death

The Basic Conditions for the Completion of the Soul

The Evolution of Relationships

Three Enlightenment’s of Life

Life & Death

The Brain & Enlightenment

Becoming One with Tao