Instructors: Melisande Chagnon & Bec McGuire
Syntropia is offering an ideal space for process oriented building that will allow participants to embrace the materials and techniques in a most explorative way!
We are offering a series of 3 hours workshops featuring the 3 basic steps of building a mud structure. Participants will be invited to either design and build their own sculptural creation or contribute to the creation of an earthen oven through those 3 workshops, all involving an instructional introduction to materials and techniques. In the spirit of Syntropia, those workshops may be rendered in collaboration with other facilitators! :
1. Like Stones: slowly and silently
Building dry stack stone foundations requires patience and focus. In an effort to connect with this material we’ll explore ways of moving and building with stones without straining the body or the mind.
2. Dances of the Mud
Processing and mixing materials is regarded as the most labour intensive part of natural building. Let’s see how we can make it the most creative, collaborative and playful process and honour our ancestral wisdom in mixing a variety of raw materials into finished materials to use for different purposes.
3. Earth Rises
The spectrum of earthen and other natural building materials is just as wide as the possibilities it offers! It is now time to use our rainbow of materials in building, sculpting, defying gravity or just tricking her.