Instructor: Kaypacha

We are now collectively emerging out of old, patriarchal, male-dominated, socio-cultural conditioning. As such, there are few models of a healthy expression of the masculine and feminine for us to follow.   As we have all had many past lifetimes in the past 6500 years of patriarchy, we all carry wounds and illusions, either sub or unconsciously, with us today.   As children have been born to wounded mothers and fathers with distorted images of the masculine, over the generations true human nature, rooted in a balanced integration of the two, has been lost. This workshop will address the evolution of our species through the lens of New Paradigm Astrology, the fundamental archetypes of Sun/Moon, Mars/Venus, and the evolutionary stages of human life on earth. We will look at Venus and Mars through the Signs/Houses and discuss how their expression will differ depending on the evolutionary stage of the soul.