Health & Wellness Workshops

Daily lifestyle to optimize your health

Instructor: Angela Willard

We will go through levels of body, mind, and spirit to set and reflect the rhythm of the day. Our internal ultradian rhythms align with the period of a 24 hour cycle. Within each part of a day there are optimal practices that align with the cycles we see occurring in nature. Many of these practices have been followed across various traditional cultures and have been seen to enhance well being. Designing our lifestyle to fall within this natural rhythm sets up our bodies for success! Join us in this class to calibrate your being to the natural rhythms of life.

Wild-Land Connections, Herb Walk and Harvesting & Processing Techniques

Instructor: Yarrow Willard

Join Herbal Jedi Yarrow Willard for an intensive learning best practices for ethically harvesting and processing fresh and wild plants. This will be a hands on herb walk and backyard medicine making class, working with the wild and domesticated plants found in the local area. The insights and skills laid out in this class are from Yarrow’s 15+ years studying herbs and being deeply immersed in the world of harvesting, processing and communicating with plants. You will learn many invaluable and practical tools that will carry forward for a life time of working with plants as food and medicine.

The Chakra Activation Sound Sequence

Instructor: Ocian Flo

We will explore together the Liberation and Manifestation Channels of the energetic body. This workshop focuses on journeying with Sound and Light Vocal Guidance through each of the energetic centers. We begin in the roots of being. Our foundation and Ground. Through each center, we dive into what is there for each of us on our own journey. Upon arrival at the Crown, in stillness we connect with ultimate oneness through the Soundscape and visions of potential within. Before making our way back down, I play over participants body with the clear quartz crystal pyramid to clear and cleanse each individual cell in the body for the most clear journey into manifest, back down into our roots.

After some integration moments, we come together to sit and share with one another in a safe and vulnerable circle.

Alethia Breathwork
Instructor: Scott Kelly Alethia Breathwork to either canned music or with a sound healer.. 1.5 hour workshop focused on using connected breathe to lead the participants on a sound journey that allows for deep healing and integration of past traumas that can be ‘unlocked’ using this modality of space holding and calling forth of the participants own innate ‘inner healer’ to work through what wants to be released. Experiences can range from total bliss/ecstasy to pain and discomfort. All is welcome and is an opportunity to release what doesn’t belong.
The Wisdom of the Body – Accessing Your Intuition to Transform Your Life
  Instructor: Jessica Dorzinsky When the thinking mind is stressed out, it’s time to tune into the wisdom of the body. Freeing your intuitive guidance brings exciting new possibilities and truths. Ready to start feeling clearer on your direction? Your intuition is your ally – if you know how to use it! Step into the world of your sixth sense. Learn what science is discovering about intuition and how to start using it to transform your life. In this workshop, we’ll explore: – How to stop weighing pros and cons and start living with purpose – How to use your body’s wisdom to set healthy boundaries – How to use your intuition to break free of unhealthy patterns – How to make life more fun!  
Building Contact
Instructor: Don McGinnis

This workshop will explore the foundation of Kum Nye; making contact with feeling, and deepening our experience of, and relationship with feeling. Through gestures (asana) toning, mindfulness of body and feeling, and self-massage, we will develop a practice of ‘making friends with all experience’. This workshop will involve some partner work and sharing.
Astrology forcast
Instructor: Angela van den Hooven We will be focusing on astrological forecast for the few months ahead. What is the best ways to utilize that energy. What is being asked of us on our own personal evolution ? What is being asked of us on a collective level ? Talking and looking at the deeper questions and what can help us move forward in our souls evolution.
Seasonal Health

Instructor: Angela Willard

Explore the herbal side of seasonal health with Clinical Herbalist Angela Willard. She will take you on a journey to discover what mother nature offers during this time of year that is shifting from summer to fall. We’ll look at what the surrounding land is offering as support to our health and well being in order to keep our immune systems strong, bodies invigorated, minds clear, and emotions in balance!

Self Defense

Instructor: D’Arc

Learn the principals that will allow you to respond simultaneously to dynamic situations without getting caught in the fear of the moment. We will focus on environmental awareness, field expedient weapons and force multipliers. You will leave with a better understanding of your self and how best to keep your self and loved ones safe.

Sacred Economics 101

Instructors: Erinanne Harper and Bryce Gilroy-Scott

Join Erinanne and Bryce in an intimate and exploratory conversation about our personal and collective experiences with money, abundance, scarcity, love, and energy. How are they connected? What power do we hold to make change? What transformation can we activate when we understand the deeper structures of currency systems? How can we hold each other in a new story of abundance and connection? If you have struggled with debt or credit, if you have an awkward or love/hate relationship with money, if you wonder what the Occupy movement was all about, or if you want to feel more empowered to create a new world by dismantling the war machine at it’s core- we warmly welcome your voice to join our conversation.

Permaculture & Natural Building

Permaculture: Collaborating with the living Earth
Instructor: Elaine Codling This 3 hour interactive class will provide a thorough introduction to permaculture ethics and principles; an over view of techniques for feeding ourselves and meeting our own material needs; guidelines for strategic energy investment and the wise use of resources. The discussion will include appropriate technology and adapting to a low carbon future as well as social permaculture topics such as right livelihood; creating meaningful work; collective enterprises; neo-tribalism and building caring communities that include honoring all the life on this amazing planet.
Preserving the Harvest -
Instructor: Lynda Smith Collecting, Freezing, Canning, Dehydrating food for the winter. Including extending the growing season in your garden with proper plant varieties and weather protection.
Natural Building – Carpentry Basics

Instructor: Ryan Hughes & Adam Szoke

In the carpentry basics workshop we will build a simple structure, an elevated yoga/ meditation pergola, which will sit permanently among the trees deep in the forest. We will focus on tangible skills, which can be taken home and built upon on future projects. We explore the basics of plan reading, tool use and safety, measuring and layout, cutting and assembly. We’ll also discuss why structures are built the way they are and key things to consider before we take on a new building project.

Art, Music, Dance

How to Make Dream-catchers
Instructor: Brian Tyacke I will be providing a step by step workshop on how to construct dream-catchers by using materials gathered from nature. Using sticks, twine, rocks, beach-glass, shells, flowers,etc, I have found a hobby in constructing dream-catchers. Taught to me when I was a young boy, I have continued to create dream-catchers as a pastime hobby that eventually make their way as gifts for others. They can be a fun and creative activity for anybody of any age. Starting out small, using brass hoops, thread, and small glass beads, I have since shifted towards a larger and more organic approach to constructing these fun pieces of art. They have been used as gifts for the holidays, to show appreciation, to convey a message, and simply just for fun.
Storytelling, Eco-Spirituality and Imagination
Instructor: Nadine Wildheart Through Story learn about the ancient wisdom of our deep inner ecology and what imagination has to do with it all. This workshop will lead participants through a number of Storywork exercises to help them begin their Storytelling tradition. As they learn the beginning steps of making a story come alive off the page, Nadine will weave this work into the bigger narrative of how stories hold us all together in a dream logic. Participants will be encouraged to become a keeper of one story. To look into their ancestral backgrounds to find a deeper connection to their cultural roots through story, with a decolonizing lens. Nadine will show how to write down the bones of the story, to walk the story landscape, to practice beginning, middle and end delivery. Nadine will dive into the neuro-psychology and spirituality of story, and explore how story enlivens and opens our hearts to meet our imagination, mythic lives and our umbilical cord to mother earth.
Sacred Feminine Dance
Instructor: Elizabeth Martin Primitive meets exotic, expressive and sensual, empowering women to celebrate their bodies and be friends with their curves and unique beauty.
Morning Sound Journey

Instructors: Cody Wicks, Tanya Devine, Ocian Flo, and others!

Didjeridoo, crystal bowls, percussion. Sink into the heart beat and awake into the day with setting of intention and energy. Flow through the chakras with our sound journey collaboration from root to crown.

Sacred Cacao 5 Elements Dance Ceremony - Magic in Motion

Instructor: Melissa Nobels

Cacao is the pathway to the hearts calling… This small and beautiful bean is so revered for its heart opening effects that its journey has carried it world wide..
Today Cacao has reclaimed its position as a sacred ceremonial medicine and is being offered here within a shamanic ecstatic dance ritual of letting go and manifestation.
Firstly we will arrive from the ordinary into the non-ordinary, gathering in circle and sip the academical blend of cacao with other powerful herbs as we share our intentions of what it is we are blessing and letting go and what we are calling into being…
We will then set our prayers into motion through the sacred tool of ecstatic dance in unison with the wisdom of the 5 elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. It is during the dance that the cacao activates within the body and the heart, allowing a truly trans formative and ecstatic process to unfold. We will finish the ceremony with 5 elements sacred touch to honor our body temples and to integrate the elemental gifts we awakened

Primitive skills

Exploring Our Wild Senses
Instructor: Kevin Sequoia & Alissa Wild Our sensory abilities go far beyond just sight, smell, hearing, and touch. Learn about the 4 categories of our senses and within them our 53 inborn wild senses and partake in a solo experience of exploring some of these senses of your choice on your own for a set period of time, then come back to the group and optionally share your expeirence and what you discovered. This workshop is based on sensory ecopsychology, a branch of ecopsychology created by Dr. Michael Cohen that focuses on how the quality of human life is directly linked to the quality of one’s relationship with nature via the senses.
Water Exploration with Clay
Water Exploration with Clay Instructor: Seairra Courtemanche Get your hand dirty & explore how to encourage clean water! Experiment and learn some tricks to working with clay. Walk away with a water bowl and renewed dedication of daily actions to protect the waters within and around where one lives.
Awaking your Inner Child in Nature
Awaking your Inner Child in Nature Instructor: Seairra Courtemanche Participate in this workshop with or without your child.  Be led through activities & tools to guide children’s exploration of forest, wetland and river areas on the property.  
Way of the Shadow
Way of the Shadow
Instructor : Bruce Carron

Be in such harmony that you become the forest.  Discover the secrets of invisibility as me move stealthily upon the landscape.  Become the eyes and ears or your people.  Be a protector.

Deep Allyship with the Human and More-than-Human World: A Journey in the Work that Reconnects

Instructor: Alysha Jones

For most of our history, humans have lived in rich relationship with what cultural ecologist David Abram calls the “more-than-human” world. Elements and animals, plants and weathers, seasons and cycles; these have been our ground and guide. In our times, humans desperately need to revive a felt sense of these ancient relationships, and reclaim the knowing that we, despite modern cultural focus, are a part of nature; that our human nature is born from and belongs to the natural world.

This is vital healing work, but the trouble is that deep nature connection practices often exclude the social history of nature and the land. The heart(intention) of this workshop is to join the consciousness-shifting work of nature connection with awareness of the pressing social and political issues of our times, particularly ongoing colonialism and its resistance. How do we connect deeply with land and nature, and support others’ to do the same, while being responsible and in harmony with Indigenous decolonization and resurgence?

Through partner and group activities in this workshop setting, we will follow a spiral of the “Work That Reconnects” and heart-fully embody the process of drawing gentle attention to the above question and the following:

–       Your own sense of belonging to place and ancestry.

–       Your deep inner responses to present-day colonialism, ecological destruction and its resistance.

–       The tender work of “unsettling” Settler privilege in order to envision and support Indigenous decolonization.

–       Our interconnectedness – “we are all in this together” – as illustrated by our love and grief.

NB: We are each in different places in terms of how we understand the experience of colonialism and how we relate to it, as white Settler, Settler of colour, recent immigrant or Indigenous person. 

For a background on Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects

See also:

Unsettling the Settler Within – Paulette Regan

Spindle Lore


Instructor: Brianna Getz A  discussion of women, fiber arts, magic and the social/historical implications of fiber arts from a northern European perspective. Brianna will also facilitate the learning of the dealgan (scottish drop spindle) and support spindle (phang and bottom whorl tibetan). Please bring a rounded inside bowl. All portable fiber projects are welcome for this workshop!